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WE are the EXPERTS for dog products.

Feeling like you are lost in the retail jungle?

So many different products but no real innovation?

Looking for unique growth opportunities and ways to differentiate yourself from your competition?

You have come to the right place!

With a long history in the European pet trade and a real passion for dogs - ambassaDOG Consulting is the perfect partner for providing in-depth industry knowledge, helping you to position and market your brands or finding the best sales partners (retailers, distributors) in various European countries.

We are a small team of European experts with a strong background in the pet industry. ...more...

We specialize in all types of pet products, especially for dogs. Food, snacks, collars & leashes and much more. Check out our „References“ to see which brands we already worked for.
Our main office is located in Germany but we work with a number of partners in various European countries. We sniff out the best products and market opportunities for you. We take our business seriously but enjoy every day of work!
Or like Confucius said: "Choose a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life!"

So what can we do for you?

What we do For You and Your Customers

Like a dog's life: what we do is pretty simple...
We want to make you happy.


We will take all the time it takes to listen to your needs, your visions and targets. What you wish to achieve is most important to us. Maybe you are already on the right track and just need some support on a small project, some marketing brainstorming or a profound category analysis...

Or do you dream big? - Launching a new product or brand? Looking for distribution and retailers to sell your innovation?

Together we will figure out what you need because knowing the destination is half the travel.


Once we have established together where you want to go we will present you with the best solution. We are a very lean and efficient organization and we do not like to waste anyone's time or money. Costs down, sales up. SIMPLE isn't it?

We have close connections to a number of European partners. So you can be sure we will put you in touch with the right people to achieve your goal.


We are pretty quick and organized in everything we do. Unfortunately, we aren't the only ones on the planet. ;-)

Nowadays, European retail is a complex matter. Large retails chains plan assortments and promotions more than a year in advance. Building up a brand audience or getting listed in a major retailer is not a matter of weeks or months but might even take a year or two.

So don't expect that everything will happen at once but be assured that we won't rest until all of the work is done!

Who we are .

We are the EXPERTS for dog products!

We have a broad background in the European pet trade and been on the both sides of the retail desk.

Working both for large, international manufacturers as well as pet specialty retailers, such as Fressnapf, in the past, has given us a really strong foundation in sales, purchase, marketing, product development and category management for dog products and treats.

Being devoted dog owners and breeders ourselves for more than 20 years we are very hands on with a realistic view on dog parents and their needs.

Our focus and dedication to the pet business is widely recognized within the industry.

Did you know we ...

... substantially increased Petmate distribution and margin throughout Europe & Australia!

... have been the exclusive PetMatrix partner for Europe to launch SmartBones/DreamBone (aka the fastest growing brand in the dog chew category) and developed their sales from Zero to 5m US$!

... we launched HUNTER collars, leashes and harnesses in Italy and soon grew the market into a very substantial business!

... managed to get MAX & MOLLY collars & leashes listed at zooplus within just 2 months!

... are in charge of Company of Animals distribution in Europe?

... won the Award "Key Account Team of the Year" from Pets at Home (UK)!

Take a look at our references to see all brands (brands with NDA agreements not included) that we already worked with!


Some interesting facts from us for you.





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We specialize in all types of dog products. Food, snacks, chews, leashes, collars, bedding, grooming and more.

Our main office is located in Germany but we work with a number of partners in various European countries. We sniff out the best products and market opportunities for you. We take our business seriously but enjoy every day of work!

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